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[bug-gtypist] further future of gtypist

From: clutton
Subject: [bug-gtypist] further future of gtypist
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2017 11:47:33 +0200

I asked about adding a feature to gtypist a while ago. And now I
understand why I haven't.

I lurked in code several times in 2016 when I had some time. And now
I've done it again having holidays. I've finished some other OSS
contribution having free time but not gtypist.

The code needs some kind of refactoring IMHO. The features were added
and bugs were fixed and the logic now is rather complicated without
reasons. I feel like I can't replace drill part without braking the
whole thing.

Two approaches can be taken, just codding and spending time with
the code to get used to it. Or slowly rewriting/refactoring the whole

The code feels like there's too much logic injected here and there, oh,
and there too, instead of some kind of design.

Don't think that I'm one of those guys who constantly want to rewrite
everything, just telling you what I think about my very little time
spending with sources.

And I want you feedback, do you feel the same? Shall we just tinker it
a little again to get what needed? Or shall there be some kind of
refactoring? Both approaches have their good and bad sides.

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