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Busy loop in menus

From: Petteri Hintsanen
Subject: Busy loop in menus
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2022 21:19:44 +0200
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Dear gtypist maintainers,

When starting gtypist without terminal input, eg. from a window manager by dmenu_run or some other exec mechanism, gtypist goes into a busy loop and consequently eats all CPU while running in the background.

This happens because get_widech function returns ERR, but it is not checked in cursmenu.c:359 and infoview.c:274.

Simple patch against current git master attached for your consideration. It may not be the best solution overall, but should fix the immediate problem.

This is on GNU/Linux machine running X11 (Xorg) and fvwm. In fvwm's environment, TERM is set to "linux".


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