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Segfault in join-thread for guile-1.4

From: satchell
Subject: Segfault in join-thread for guile-1.4
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 10:39:17 GMT

If you try to join a thread that has terminated, guile-1.4 on Redhat 5.2 
segfaults. CVS guile also dies (as of about 10/9/2000). To see the problem
(define (thred-n n)
         (sleep n)(display n)(newline)))
(join-thread   (thred-n 1))

will be OK, but
(join-thread   (thred-n 0))
dies, trying to dereference a NULL pointer in join-coop. Testing for 
a NULL and returning quietly fixes the symptoms; but why is the thread
pointer NULL?

Julian Satchell

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