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Binary file mode not supported

From: George Caswell
Subject: Binary file mode not supported
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 13:02:00 -0500

   OK, yeah, CR/LF is lame - but I'm on a Win32 system here and am lucky
enough to have installed Cygwin and Guile.  The problem is I need to use
Guile to write some binary files with uniform-vector-write, etc - and any
time I write a 0x0a byte it gets a 0x0d prepended to it.  There are ways to
avoid this in CygWin (forcing binary mode) - but there are also ways around
it in C, and that's where it should be addressed.

   I've attached a CVS patch addressing the problem - it patches
scm_open_file to support the "b" flag with O_BINARY - pretty simple.

   Thanks for your time.

(M-x replace-outlook-with-emacs)

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