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Re: core dump on reloading code

From: Matthew R Wette
Subject: Re: core dump on reloading code
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 08:44:02 -0800

Michael Livshin writes ...
> Matthew R Wette <address@hidden> writes:
> > One more piece of information.  I gdb'd a core dump and
> > it crashes at line 1407 in gc.c:
> >       m += free (vtable_data, (scm_bits_t *) SCM...
> > Here the variable "free" is 0.
> hrm.  looks like scrambled bytes.
> still, more information would be helpful, like the code you are
> loading, the platform you run on, the gdb backtrace, whether you tried
> the CVS Guile (the crash is in the GC, and the GC saw a lot of changes
> lately), etc.

The total code is about 1300 lines of scheme.  I am using 
record types, arrays.  I am "use-modules" on syncase, lineio,
format, regex, string-fun, debug, format, slib (w/ printf). 

I am on sparc-solaris7, ultra5, compiled w/ gcc 2.95.2.

I have compiled guile-1.4.  I will update cvs and try that.


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