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Re: coredump in Guile 1.4 on Cray T3E

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: coredump in Guile 1.4 on Cray T3E
Date: 21 Feb 2001 20:25:00 +0100
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"Steven G. Johnson" <address@hidden> writes:

> Compiling it with -g and running it under Cray's TotalView debugger
> (ugh), I get the stack trace attached below.  The Guile code at this
> point is a little hairy, and I'm not entirely sure what is going on.
> Can someone suggest something to look at or try?  Let me know if you
> want any more info.

Hmm, I'd suggest to try the latest version from CVS if you can do
that.  There might already be some fixes in there.

Other than that, assuming that your debugger gives accurate
information, you would need to pin down exactly why the process
receives the signal.  What is the value of `x' and why doesn't
SCM_STRUCT_VTABLE_DATA succeed.  After we know that, we can try to
find out what has gone wrong.  The `structs' of Guile are hairy...

> PEs 0: signal SIGORE (Operand range error) in scm_ceval at line 2505 in
> file "eval.c"
> 2505 *        scm_bits_t vcell = SCM_STRUCT_VTABLE_DATA (x)
> [scm_vtable_index_vcell];

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