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Re: build error on solaris

From: Alexander Klimov
Subject: Re: build error on solaris
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:20:16 +0200 (IST)


On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Alexander Klimov wrote:
> No, them are not there, although them are in installation I done
> not-long-time ago in some other place. Right now I am builing guile with
> --prefix=/tmp, and I'll report about results

I have 2 versions of gcc: 2.95.2 and current development version 3.1, now
I sure it is not bug in guile, but it will be *really* good if we could
find and report this problem to gcc team.

Then I compile guile with gcc2 all is OK, but with gcc3 results are as I
report previously (sorry for noise). It is looks like the root of evil is

makeinfo --force -o guile-procedures.txt guile.texi

With gcc2 result is 17 warnings about `Cross reference to nonexistent
node' and `Footnote defined without parent node', but with gcc3 it starts
guile.texi:49: Unknown command `lisp\n"'

then some other messages and finnaly it said

guile.texi:1024: Misplaced {.
Too many errors!  Gave up.
Too many errors!  Gave up.
Too many errors!  Gave up.

This is forever until core dump.

The makeinfo is the same, so it looks like reason is guile-doc-snarf, and
more specifically "gcc -E" in it. I'll try to look what is the problem


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