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Professional Selling SkillMap(tm)

From: Frontline Learning
Subject: Professional Selling SkillMap(tm)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:45:06 GMT

You and I have not met, but because you’re a respected business professional 
with an interest in improving employee productivity, I would like to offer you 
a free preview of the Professional Selling SkillMap(tm). This new assessment 
and skill development resource from Frontline Learning can help you bring added 
value to your current sales training initiatives by targeting each 
salesperson's individual development needs.

This is a truly unique approach to sales training, and if you're open to 
learning more, please read on. If this is NOT an area of interest for you, I 
won't take up any more of your time, and I wish you continued success.

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Kindest regards,

David Kirkeby
VP, Business Development
Frontline Learning


The Professional Selling SkillMap™ Assessment and Development Guidebook helps 
salespeople, sales managers and trainers pinpoint the specific selling skills, 
habits and attitudes they should focus on for improved performance. It includes 
an assessment of selling skills in 20 categories, providing a graphical 
representation of each individual’s unique selling strengths and growth 

(Please note: Additional SkillMap titles are available on the following topics: 
Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, Team Building and Professional 

The Professional Selling SkillMap can be easily integrated into your existing 
sales training program or used as a stand-alone training tool for facilitated 
group training sessions, self-paced individual learning and one-on-one coaching.

Based upon extensive research and field validation, the assessment measures 
strengths and growth opportunities in the following skill categories:

·       Product Knowledge
·       Time Management
·       Building Rapport
·       Active Listening
·       Presenting Benefits
·       Handling Objections
·       Prospecting
·       Handling Adversity
·       Gaining Commitment
·       Confirming Needs
·       Handling Rejection
·       Self-Motivation
·       Self-Coaching
·       Integrity
·       Reducing Buyer’s Remorse
·       Sales Cycle Management
·       Asking Tactical Questions
·       Asking Strategic Questions
·       Territory Management
·       Continuous Learning

Upon completion of the Assessment, a Development Guidebook provides helpful 
sales tips, methods and strategies focused on each respondent’s specific 
development needs.

A Facilitation and Coaching Guide provides detailed instructions for 
administering the Assessment along with 20 fully scripted 1-hour workshops (one 
for each skill category) including handouts, overhead masters and PowerPoint® 
presentations. Audio programs are available for each skill category to provide 
post-training skill reinforcement or enhance the effectiveness of self-paced 
learning and one-on-one coaching. 

SkillMaps and other learning resources are available exclusively through our 
network of Affiliates - you can visit www.frontlinelearning.com for more 
information on the Professional Selling SkillMap and our Affiliate program. You 
can request a free preview at: http://www.frontlinelearning.com/contactus1.htm

I appreciate the time you've taken to read through this, and again, wish you 
continued success.


David Kirkeby

Please note - upon receipt of this message you have automatically been removed 
from our email marketing list. You will not receive further communication from 
Frontline Learning unless you proactively respond to this  message.

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