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[FIXED] Re: build problems

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: [FIXED] Re: build problems
Date: 29 Apr 2001 00:42:48 +0100
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Cramer <address@hidden> writes:

    Chris> Howdy Current CVS Guile does not completely build on my
    Chris> system.  After running make (after autogen.sh and
    Chris> configure) I get this at the end:

    Chris> Making all in doc make[1]: Entering directory
    Chris> `/home/crayc/src/guile-core/doc' cd . \ && makeinfo `echo
    Chris> guile.texi | sed 's,.*/,,'` ./preface.texi:134: `Manual
    Chris> Conventions' has no Up field.  ./preface.texi:134: warning:
    Chris> unreferenced node `Manual Conventions'.  makeinfo: Removing
    Chris> output file `/home/crayc/src/guile-core/doc/guile.info' due
    Chris> to errors; use --force to preserve.  make[1]: ***
    Chris> [guile.info] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory
    Chris> `/home/crayc/src/guile-core/doc' make: *** [all-recursive]
    Chris> Error 1

Now fixed in CVS - thanks for the report!


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