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Re: Problems compiling guile on a Cobalt mips (qube 2)

From: Gary Houston
Subject: Re: Problems compiling guile on a Cobalt mips (qube 2)
Date: 3 May 2001 23:48:16 -0000

> From: "Dale P. Smith" <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 15:01:43 -0400
> This is from cvs guile, around May 1st.
> First off, even though AF_INET6 is defined, I don't relly believe there
> is and real support for it. To get socket.c to compile, I #undef'ed
> AF_INET6.  Also, uint32_t isn't defined anywhere, so I just used:
> typedef u_int32_t uint32_t;

Thanks, I've added a check for missing uint32_t.  However I'm not sure
what to use instead of AF_INET6 for detecting IPv6 support.  If you
could post a log of socket.c failing to compile, after fixing uint32_t,
it may help.

I may not have time to fix it myself right now though, I'm leaving for
a 2 week holiday on Saturday.

> After those changes to socket.c, guile compiles and installs, but
> segfaults when executed. Here is what it looks like with gdb:

Looks like socket.c may not be to blame, this one time.

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