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Re: awk portability

From: Golubev I. N.
Subject: Re: awk portability
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 12:51:43 (GMT)

> We already have a fix for SCO nawk in CVS.  Does it help?

Yes, revision 1.2 of
`guile/guile-core/libguile/guile-func-name-check.in' from
subversions.gnu.org helps with sco awk.

But why do not I see this change neither in snapshot in
nor in `:pserver:address@hidden,s.redhat}.com:/cvs/guile'
(which snapshot seems to be derived from)?

What are replication rules for guile cvs repositories in
subversions.gnu.org and sources.redhat.com?

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