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Go game software: Die or live

From: lshuzhi
Subject: Go game software: Die or live
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 17:40:6 +0800

Dear GO game friend, 
I visited the site http://groups.google.com and know your email. Here is a go 
game software named 'Die or live'.
There are more than 1,000 life and death problems for beginners to 7d. You will 
find that by practicing them your skill will be improved very quickly. You will 
become more sensitive to those important points and positions. 
Some professional players evaluate this program. It's said that if you can 
solve them all, you are close to professionals. Yet, It's easy to use. You play 
black against computer. Computer will make best counter-move.  Computer will 
also report what level you are at. 
The problems are very interesting and challenging.  You can do it at your own 
pace and always come back to try different variations or re-fresh yourself. You 
will have lots, lots fun.  
You can visit http://www.szsoftware.com/go/ to get it or click the following 
link to download it directly,
I hope you can enjoy it.
I will apologize if this unsolicit letter bother you.
Best regards,
Lyu shuzhi

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