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environment variables causing configure to fail

From: Michael Carmack
Subject: environment variables causing configure to fail
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 20:50:16 +0000
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This affects 1.5.4, but not 1.4 or 1.3.2a. Apparently in some sort of
recursive configure, the original configure attempts to pass environment
variables, but during 'libltdl' this seems to cause a problem. Here is
the output:

configure: configuring in libltdl
configure: running /bin/sh './configure'  
--datadir=/pkg/gnu/guile/1.5.4-build-default.1/share 'CC=gcc 
-L/pkg/gnu/glibc/2.1.3/lib -L/pkg/gnu/gcc/2.95.3/lib 
-L/pkg/kernel/linux/2.4.10/lib -L/pkg/gnu/ncurses/5.2/lib 
configure: warning: CC=gcc -L/pkg/gnu/glibc/2.1.3/lib -L/pkg/gnu/gcc/2.95.3/lib 
-L/pkg/kernel/linux/2.4.10/lib -L/pkg/gnu/ncurses/5.2/lib 
-L/pkg/gnu/readline/4.1/lib: invalid host type
configure: error: can only configure for one host and one target at a time
configure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for libltdl
sed: can't read confdefs.h: No such file or directory

Note that it looks like the same thing is done earlier during the configure 
of 'guile-readline', and it doesn't cause any problems there.

I wonder if this is even necessary though. If the variables need to be
available to the subshells invoked by 'configure', couldn't they simply 
be exported?


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