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Re: doc bug in string-null?

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: doc bug in string-null?
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 00:32:27 -0800

   From: Neil Jerram <address@hidden>
   Date: 11 Nov 2001 21:46:45 +0000

   M-x load-file RET .../doc/maint/docstring.el RET
   M-x docstring-process-module RET (guile) RET

   Save all modified .texi files and copy the current libguile/guile.texi
   to doc/maint/guile.texi, then commit.

   Unless other stuff has changed since the auto update that I checked
   in today, the "*Docstring Results*" output buffer should only mention
   changes for docstrings that you think you've actually changed -
   i.e. string-null?.

if the commands above are invoked automatically by cron on some machine
under your control, i'll just sit back and watch.  :->

one thing i'd like to request is that generated docs have some "@c
generated" comment near each item (or perhaps, less verbosely, a similar
one-time hint at the top of the file, to remind people to look at
../libguile files instead of editing the texi directly.

   BTW, did you fix this in stable as well?  I just fixed docstring.el to
   cope with the moving of the reference manual into the ref
   subdirectory, but haven't yet copied this change to the unstable
   branch; so you might want to grab docstring.el from unstable.

hmmm i'm confused by your suggestion.

in any case, in both branches, i fixed libguile/strop.c only.

[munge munge] i've just tweaked docstring.el (unstable) to use an env
var for some of its directory inits and will be trying it out soon.


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