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Re: fatal error: internal error

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: fatal error: internal error
Date: 18 Nov 2001 12:01:40 +0000
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>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Morales <address@hidden> writes:

    Patrick> I am trying to install guile-1.4 [...]

    Patrick> gawk: ./guile-snarf.awk:17: (FILENAME=- FNR=2196) fatal
    Patrick> error: internal error ./guile-doc-snarf[32]: 124923410
    Patrick> Abort *** Error code 1 (bu21) *** Error code 1 (bu21)

    Patrick> How can I fix this error?

Were you using a very recent version of GCC?  GCC's preprocessor
behaviour changed recently so that macro expansions go on a single
line in the output, which screws up the 1.4 doc snarfing.

>From 1.5.x onwards we have a new doc snarfing mechanism that copes
with this.

Obviously we can't fix the 1.4 distribution retrospectively.  So the
fix is either to downgrade to an older GCC or to move to guile-1.5.x.
The current latest in the 1.5.x series is 1.5.4.

(Note - technically 1.5.x is a series of preparatory releases before
1.6.0, and not designed for widespread public consumption, and
especially not for inclusion in GNU/Linux distributions.  In practice
- and for private use - it's fine.)


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