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Badness with TODO at dist time

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Badness with TODO at dist time
Date: 08 Apr 2002 00:22:35 +0200
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I'm having problems with the new way of handling the TODO file, in
both branches.  It has moved from guile-core/TODO to

When invoking "make dist", the file does not exist and there is no rul
to create it.  Rather, the dist-hook target copies it from the

However, this is too late.  The dist-hook is run _after_ the
distribution directory (in $distdir) has been built, not before.
Additionally, the dist-hook target is meant to modify the contents of
$distdir, not the $srcdir (or build dir in case of a VPATH build).

As a fix, I propose to remove this code from guile-core/Makefile

    # Fill dist tree.
    include $(top_srcdir)/am/maintainer-dirs
            ( echo 'This is a snapshot of the TODO file.' ; date ; echo ; \
              cat $(workbook)/tasks/TODO ) > TODO

and add this line to guile-core/autogen.sh

    ln -s $workbook/tasks/TODO TODO

I have done this change already in order to be able to proceed, but
please feel free to suggest a better solution.  (One tempting thing is
to not distribute TODO at all.)

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