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inexact integers in modulo etc

From: Bill Schottstaedt
Subject: inexact integers in modulo etc
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 05:32:27 -0700

I guess this is not news, but just in case... Some Guile numerical
primitives that should (could?) accept inexact integers (at least that's
the way I read r5rs) do not.  The remainder example below is taken
from r5rs:

guile> (version)
guile> (modulo 4.0 2)

In standard input:
   2: 0* [modulo 4.0 2]

standard input:2:1: In procedure modulo in expression (modulo 4.0 2):
standard input:2:1: Wrong type argument in position 1: 4.0
ABORT: (wrong-type-arg)
guile> (remainder -13 -4.0)

In standard input:
   1: 0* [remainder -13 -4.0]

standard input:1:1: In procedure remainder in expression (remainder -13 -4.0):
standard input:1:1: Wrong type argument in position 2: -4.0
ABORT: (wrong-type-arg)

Others are quotient, gcd, lcm, even?, odd?

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