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From: care9545354
Subject: Stock MARKET NEWS FLASH ~~~
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 0102 10:08:24 -1000


If you have 99 dollars, a stock options broker and you
haven't heard of Equity Research Group Inc, Then read
this immediately ! Equity Research Group gives option
recommendations on puts and calls. With a red hot
February under our belts, we have stormed into March
with a bang. Our winning percentage total in February
was 137%. Pretty good for the unstable market that we
have encountered this year. Our call option on Northrop
Grumman was a huge winner along with our put option on
the Nasdaq 100. 

Explaining what we do is simple. 

We give you 2-4 recos a month. Our average hold time for
options is 27 days. We tell you when to buy, when to
sell and what to say to your broker word for word. We
keep you updated periodically on all of your open
positions. If you know what we know, keeping losers at
a minimum is key in this type of market. That means we
do not allow options to expire worthless, or get
anywhere near that position. Also taking full advantage
of winners is the other key to our success. every reco
that you receive is carefully researched and agreed
upon by our team of stock market specialist. If this
sounds to good to be true then how about our price. 99
dollars a month gets you 2-4 recos a month, and if you
are not satisfied you may cancel your service so you
will not be billed the following month. Just think 99
dollars could change your financial status this month!
Let our stock market specialist show you how timing and
research can still produce in this unstable market.
Sign up today and receive your first set of
recommendations now!!


Accepting; Mastercard, American Express and Visa


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