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GOOPS bug found?

From: Andreas Rottmann
Subject: GOOPS bug found?
Date: 17 Apr 2002 21:35:00 +0200
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[Note: this bug refers to Guile 1.7.0 from CVS, only some days old]

As my C++ <-> Guile bindings (ucxx.sf.net) are approaching
completeness, I have run into another strange problem. I have managed
to isolate the code that causes it and wrote a self-contained C
program that exposes the bug. 

Here is what I do:

1) I create a new class, containing one slot using

2) I then add a method to 'initialize', specialized for the newly
   created class, that calls a C function.

3) I create a new class, inheriting from the C-created class, and
   instantiate one object of the new class (using make).

4) I do (define-method (initialize (obj <new-class>) initargs) (next-method)).
   This expression leads to this:

   ERROR: In procedure struct-ref:
   ERROR: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting STRUCTP): ()

A backtrace (using my original code) is attached, but you should
easily be able to reproduce and investigate this strange behaviour
using the attached C program.

I hope someone can shed light on this strange thing...

Regards, Andy

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