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Compilation fix for guile 1.4

From: Davide Angelocola
Subject: Compilation fix for guile 1.4
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 13:18:23 +0200

  I've downloaded guile version 1.4 to learn on how to program
in C under UNIX. However, when I try to compile it on my
RedHat 7.2 machine I get an error in net_db.c line 85. Well, I've 
just put a comment at the beginning of line and all works fine 

Now I'm learning some guile basis but I wish a more 
user-friendly interpreter:
        o  add readline and history support
        o  add a welcome message like this:
                guile v.        [build info?]
                Type (help) for more information

        o  add "(copyright)", "(license)" functions
        o  the "(help)" output in one page
        o  add a TODO file in the source dist
                (this can very useful for me)

I hope that this email can be useful for you! 

Davide Angelocola

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