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urgent assistance

Subject: urgent assistance
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 05:20:38

DIRECT TEL: 00874 7626 04465
       FAX: 00874 7626 04466
GENERAL LINE: 0027722236679 

My name is ZAMANI SESE-SEKO I am a solicitor/notary
public, and was very active in the legal practice in
democratic republic of Congo(Zaire). I am presently
under protective custody in SOUTH AFRICA as a guest of the Government of SOUTH 
AFRICA. I am the first son to
the late president Mobutu Sese-Seko. Because of his
involvement in the governance in Congo (zaire) for thirty-two years, the 
government of Joseph Kabila is after the
family. They have claimed all our family's wealth in
Zaire since the death of my father President Mobutu and forced my family to 
exile in Morocco. 

Your contact was give me by an executive member of the
just concluded 11th annual international franchise
expo in DUBLIN, where we discuss at length the opportunities in franchise 
investments and real estate. I am making this contact on behalf of my
family as the first son of Mobutu Sese-Seko not minding the consequences, but 
hoping that you would understand our predicament.

My purpose is to seek your co-operation and assistance
in securing the family funds totalling US$6,100,000:00 (SIX MILLION ONE HUNDRED 
THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY), into your trusted bank account
abroad for safekeeping, which incidentally is the part
of the family wealth.

Fortunately, with my immediate assistance and contact,
we were able to deposit the money (cash packed in
trunk consignment) in a security vault 11 months ago pending when the whole 
situation  in the
Congo republic calms down. 

However this security company does not have any
knowledge of the content in the consignment, because it was done in the guise 
that the trunk contains precious stones and this was also in the Certificate of 
Deposit issued for the consignment. But owing to the great risk we run 
presently due to the new government of Joseph Kabila's witch-hunting to freeze 
and recover all monies supposedly
misappropriated by the late president, we wish to
relocate this fund in a trusted hand to avoid any
trace. Now that no one knows about this money, it is our opportunity to 
trnasfer the money. We are willing to
offer you 15% of the amount of the money after the
transaction for your role, while 5% will be set aside for all expenses 
incurred. All I need from you is the
assurance that you can 
handle the amount involved comfortably and that I can
trust you with this arrangement. 

I want you to immediately inform me of your
willingness in assisting and co-operating with me by a
return  e-mail  through my mail address:address@hidden
 or send me a reply fax to: 00874 7626 04466  so that I can send you full 
detail of the transaction documents. Also furnish me with your  telephone/fax 
numbers (private) for a personal contact with you.

Finally, I am trusting on your full understanding on
this hoping that there will be absolute confidentiality.

Waiting with interest, your response and hoping to
develop good business relationship with you. 

Yours truly, 
Government House,
Pretoria, RSA.

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