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latest phone safety news.

From: weissrobert1557c14
Subject: latest phone safety news.
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 0102 11:30:16 -0000

Dear smart,  
Are Cell Phones A Health Hazard?

Doctors and Scientists have recently been issuing reports that cell phone 
radiation and brain acner might have a relationship.  

Nokia has an actual patent on a device that shields the human head from cell 
phone radiation.  YOU CAN READ IT ON OUR WEBSITE!!!

Major U.S.news agencies have done thourough reports in depth covering the 
harmful effects of cell phone radiation.
Don't be the phone comapany's guniea pig!  Protect Yourself Today!

We have press releases on our site that will ALARM every cell phone owner!!!!

We make a product that helps decrease harmful electro-magnetic radiation from 
entering your ear.  It is brand new, patented, easy to install, easy to use, 
fits every phone made, and very affordable.  

Visit us online at

We are currently having a Special.
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