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Re: bugs on AIX 4.3

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: bugs on AIX 4.3
Date: 10 Sep 2002 00:16:07 +0200
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"Rolf-Alois Walter" <address@hidden> writes:

> When I tried to build Guile 1.6 on AIX 4.3 there occurred
> a 'stack overflow':

That seems strange.  Can you try to add

    (debug-set! stack 0)

to the file guile-1.6.0/scripts/snarf-check-and-output-texi, after the
'define-module' statement?  That will disable the stack checking.
That might make Guile use a lot of memory, so you might want to be

The default stack room that Guile allows is 20000 somethings.  On my
box, snarf-check-and-output-texi can run within 1500 somethings.  It
would be strange when it would regularily need more than 20000 on AIX.
So I suspect there is a bug somewhere that leads to unbounded stack
growth.  To be able run smaller tests, you need to finish the build
first, which you can do by touching guile.texi and
guile-procedures.texi in libguile/.  You wont have online docs then,
but the guile executable should be able to run.

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