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guile 1.6.0 - newbie build error -

From: Christof Boeckler
Subject: guile 1.6.0 - newbie build error -
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 19:10:28 +0200 (MEST)

Hello everyone,

I am new to guile, but I read the INSTALL-file and am not so new to
installing GNU-autoconfigure/-make software.

On Solaris 8 I had the following error while executing 'make' (configure
was successful):

Making all in libguile
make  all-am
rm -f guile-procedures.txt
makeinfo --force -o guile-procedures.txt  || test -f guile-procedures.txt
makeinfo: missing file argument.

The error occured at the target 'guile-procedures.txt' in the
'libguile/Makefile'. This target was followed by one with the same label,
but the second one was commented.

The source of it all is:

guile-procedures.txt: guile-procedures.texi
        rm -f $@
        makeinfo --force -o $@ $< || test -f $@

#guile-procedures.txt: guile-procedures.texi
#       cp $< $@

Thus '$<' was empty when running make. No matter which variant I use, I
get an error, because the file 'guile-procedures.txt'  does not exist in
the end.

Can anyone help, I suppose this is a little bug. Any comments welcome,
especially to me directly, because I don't read the list regularly. Thanks
a lot!


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