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[PATCH] Some fixes to doc/ref/scheme-data.texi

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [PATCH] Some fixes to doc/ref/scheme-data.texi
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 16:11:41 -0500
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So I was reading my printed copy of the Guile reference manual from CVS, and hit chapter 18 in a desire to be able to do more with Guile data than list and vector ops. Got a notebook, made some notes about what I thought could be changed in the manual itself. So here are some fixes to the first part of that chapter.

My ChangeLog entry:

2002-10-26  Stephen Compall  <address@hidden>

        * scheme-data.texi: Addition and change of many Texinfo tags,
        particularly usage of @var and @samp, as well as reformatting of
        some lists into tables and usage of @result.

        Notes about some things I didn't understand, as well as a
        missing section on non-control characters.

I avoided rewrapping paragraphs in some cases so the patch would be easier to read, unless the lines became *way* too long.

I imagine that some of the things I changed might have been automatically placed there, with sources somewhere else. So forgive me for not changing those sources, if this is so.

The diff -u against CVS HEAD is ~28kb, and is currently available at http://csserver.evansville.edu/~sc87/scheme-data-1S11.patch

It has been tested against makeinfo 4.2 and TeX.

Stephen Compall
Also known as S11001001
DotGNU `Contributor' -- http://dotgnu.org

The GNU GPL is not Mr. Nice Guy. It says "no" to some of the things
that people sometimes want to do.
        -- RMS, "Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism"

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