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virtual host support

From: Jose Roberto B. de A. Monteiro
Subject: virtual host support
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:50:39 -0300

Hello there,

In guile-www package: in http:request procedure, I am sending a patch
to support virtual hosts retrieving.

The patch is bellow.

In cases of a single host supporting many other virtual hosts, the
previous http:request retrieves the main host page.


Jose Roberto Monteiro

===File ~/work/guile/guile-1.7.0/guile-www.diff=============
Common subdirectories: guile-www.orig/CVS and guile-www/CVS
Common subdirectories: guile-www.orig/contrib and guile-www/contrib
Common subdirectories: guile-www.orig/doc and guile-www/doc
Common subdirectories: guile-www.orig/examples and guile-www/examples
diff -u guile-www.orig/http.scm guile-www/http.scm
--- guile-www.orig/http.scm     Fri Apr 26 22:57:28 2002
+++ guile-www/http.scm  Thu Feb 27 13:43:16 2003
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@
        (tcp-port (or (url:port url) 80))
        (path     (format #f "/~A" (or (url:path url) ""))))
     (let ((sock (http:open host tcp-port))
-         (request (format #f "~A ~A ~A" method path http:version))
+         (request (format #f "~A ~A ~A\r\nHost: ~A" method path http:version 
(url:host url)))
          (headers (if (pair? args) (car args) '()))
          (body    (if (and (pair? args) (pair? (cdr args)))
                       (cadr args)

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