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[Recommend!] Promote your business 100%

Subject: [Recommend!] Promote your business 100%
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 01:03:03 +0800

Hello Dear:
This email sent from CHINA,I doing Sewing and Garment business.my name is PETER 
If you be engaged in the textile product profession?
So please allow I recommend to you a powerful tool,in you working.help you.
I think that he will bring the higher efficiency for you!
It is:"WILCOM":
Wilcom is the world fast software for digitizing
Wilcom can digitizing Flat/Cap/Applique/3D puff/Chenille etc simple digitizing
Wilcom supply Schiffli-Shuttle/Water-Soluble/Boring etc..Special embroider
Wilcom have automatic digitizing function,and it available 
Cross-Stitches/Photo-Stitch and more...
You can choose 13 language-pack for wilcom:
Embroidery software "30% OFF SALE" full stabilize the version.FREE UPDATE!
We supply:Stabilize,Excellent,Easy,Best quality,High-efficiency,Powerful" of 
embroidery software.
We gift to our customer "China Memorial(Mystery)",with the software by fedex 
mail.it FREE!
First Credit:
If you are looking for:" Stabilize,Excellent, Easy, Best quality, 
High-efficiency,Powerful" of embroidery software .YES! You found out! We can 
provide to you.
Best Service:
The software update CD-ROM have Send to you "this is FREE!!!!!
We supply free crack service 1 year for software update if you have full 
software...CD of new version
We will give preferential price for old customer after 1 year.
Get software:
Download software at our network server.and setup DEMO(step by step) FREE!
Get the software by Fedex fast mail.and setup DEMO(step by step) FREE!
More Info please visit our website: http://www.vbizi.com/emb
or Emial to us: address@hidden
   Url: http://www.vbizi.com/emb
images: http://www.vbizi.com/emb/wilcom8.jpg
I am very happy it can help you in your business!
Thank You,Wish you Good luck everday!
If you annoy this mail,I say the sorry to you,Please reply to this 
message,"title:Del email".I will delete the email address from the Bizmail 
list, thank you!  

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