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Urgent supply contract to the Government of Gabon

From: okatamba
Subject: Urgent supply contract to the Government of Gabon
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:41:57 +0100

Mr Otogue Ahmed (Chairman N.I.C)





I deem it very necessary introducing myself to you/ before placing these 
proposal/procedures for your consideration.

I am Mr. OKATA MBA, chairman – National & International Contracting, Republic 
of Gabon and also the Director of the contract Award Commission of the said 

Although your company is highly projected by International business directories 
and publications, I however was enticed to write you this mail on 
recommendation for supply of a wide range of items to Gabon.

Based on the recently incorporated memorandum of operation now enabling the NIC 
to appoint an overseas supplier for the supply of all goods that will be 
required by the Government of Gabon ( in Gabon departmental stores) for trading 
activities where more
than 99% of products consumed are imported from overseas.

The scope of the contract:

Contract supply of General goods to Gabon departmental stores

Contract Amount: US$9.Million

Terms of Payment: 100% payment to any recommend contractor immediately upon 
appointment/award of the contract.

2% Commission for my assistance in completion of the Contract.


We will be glad if you can collaborate with us in strict trust and confidence 
as is required for the success of this business. Please before any further step 
I will like you to complete the primary formality of this contract project.

However, I had to carefully study the Budget Summary of the project and I have 
been able to collect the following information of the ceiling amount budgeted 
for each product range as I trust that this information will be helpful to you 
by giving you fur
ther ideas about the project.

1) Automobiles: US$3.0Million

2) Household and Office Electrical/Electronics Appliances and Accessories: US$ 
2.3 Million

3) School & Office Stationary: US$ 1.1 Million

4) GSM Mobile Phones & Accessories: US$ 1.4 Million

5) Foot wears: US$ 1. Million

6) Clothing and Textiles: US$2.2 Million

7) Sports Equipment: US$2.0 Million

8) Household & Office Furniture: US$2.0Million

9) Food Items: US$3.0 Million

To make the process less complicated for you, I have prepared an application 
letter which you should recopy and send directly to our commission via the 
e-mail:address@hidden so that it will go through the normal formalities before 
getting to my office.

Att: The Commissioner
National & International Contracting Commission (NICC)
Libreville - Gabon
E-mail: address@hidden

Dear Honourable Commissioner,

Application for Award of Contract for Supply General goods to Gabon

My name is (Indicate your full name)

I am an experienced and professional supplier of all kinds of goods (name the 
goods you can supply) and I work in association with many manufacturers and 
dealers as their export Agent so I can competently supply nearly all the 
requirements of your Govern
ment if you can award me this contract.
I am hereby sending in my above application that you award me the contract as 
an Individual contractor for supply of general goods to the Government of Gabon 
and I promise to do my best in executing the project to your satisfaction. I 
look forward to you
r response informing me of all formalities expected from me to facilitate the 
award of this contract to me and I promise to cooperate accordingly.

Thanks and kind regards.

Your full name Mr/Mrs/Dr./Engr......................
Contact address..................

You should send the above application to the NICC immediately without any delay 
as other competitors interested in this contract are fighting hard to win the 
As soon as the application gets to my office, I will immediately endorse the 
approvals, arrange for the issue of the Contract Award certificate,Contract 
Agreement/the purchasing order and recommend for the remittance of the 100% 
payment to you as this process will be completed in less than 8 days.
Also, you and I can always cooperate so that when you send any quotation or pro 
forma invoice, we shall inflate/over invoice the prices a little bit and I will 
approve the inflated/over invoiced prices without any complications so that you 
can supply the

Please contact me directly on my personal E-mail address:address@hidden 

If you should have any question please do contact me directly on my thuraya 
satelite number : 0088-216-520-70041 
Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

N.B all expense regarding the contracting completion formalities shall be 
taking care by me. 

Mr Okata Mba

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