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ice-9/q.scm bug fix

From: Richard Todd
Subject: ice-9/q.scm bug fix
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 19:36:22 -0600
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While looking through guile modules for my guile standard library
project, I came across a bug in (ice-9 q) which makes the queue
invalid if you pop all the entries off if it.

It appears to be a lisp-ism, where (not '()) was expected to return
#t, and of course in scheme it does not.

Attached, you should find a patch for this bug.

Example of the bug:

(use-modules (ice-9 q))
(define a (make-q))
(enq! a 3)
(deq! a)

;; at this point:
(q? a)   ==> #f ?!?
a        ==> (() 3)  ; should be (() #f)

Richard Todd

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