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patch to build guile CVS on Mac OS X

From: Richard Todd
Subject: patch to build guile CVS on Mac OS X
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 04:17:10 -0600
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Hi all, 

These changes made guile CVS build for me on Mac OS X.  Non-scientific
testing (ran some of my programs) seems to show that it's working.

I'd appreciate it if this, or something like it, could get applied.

BTW, on 12/30 I submitted a patch to bug-guile for a problem with
ice-9/q.scm and haven't gotten an ACK from anyone about it.  Should I
re-submit after a while, or ...?

Summary of changes: 

1) Mac OS X has a funny quirk about getting to the
environment from shared libs.  Patches exactly like what I'm
submitting were applied to many other programs (like python and tcl)
for this exact issue.  posix.c and stime.c were hit.

2) The SCM_MUTEX_MAX_SIZE was too small.  I also added to the error
message in threads-plugin.c, so that it tells you what the size should
be.  This was faster than getting to that point in a debugger!  It may
be that you'd want to just raise the size for all platforms, but I
took the conservative approach and just raised it for __APPLE__.

3) numbers.c defined s_bignum but did not use it, and guile compiles
such that this was an error.  Maybe it'd be right to just get rid of
it...but to get this to work I just #ifdef'ed it out for __APPLE__

Richard Todd
richardt at vzavenue dot net

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