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Letter Of Assistance

From: monisulle2003
Subject: Letter Of Assistance
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 20:51:42 +0100

Mrs. Monica Sulleman
Abidjan Cote D' Ivoire


Dear Friend,

I know this mail might come to you as a surprise, I got your e-mail address 
during my search for reliable and trust worthy person or company to transact 
business. in Abidjan Chamber of Commace I write in request for your assistance 
with the clearance of my husband's consignments (fund) in a Finance company in 

My name is Monica sulleman, the wife of Mr Johnas Sulleman , from 
Manila-Philippines. My husband had problem with some members of his cabinet 
while he was still in the office. This problem made him to be impeached from 
the office and later put in detention, while myself was restricted and 
monitored. and after a year he dead because of high blood pleasure in the 

Since my husband was in detention and later died, all the money that he saved 
in the banks here and Asian countries have all been confisticated by the 
Philippines government. My children right now are suffering. So there is 
nothing I can do than to find my way out to one the country in africa for 
security porposes. right now I and my children is in Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire 
because I don't want Philippines government to find out that my late husband 
still have some money in finance company in europe to avoid the money been 
confisticated and this the only hope for me and my children for now.

Before my husband was impeached from the office, he deposited some money which 
he generated from various contruction contracts he executed with the Government 
in a Finance company in Europe($14 million united states dollars) he enclosed 
this fund in a trunk box and declared the content of those box as family 
valuables to the Finance company for security reasons.

When my husband deposited the consignment with the Finance company he made them 
to understand that his wife is the next of kin and all the documents was made 
in his name as the beneficial including my name as the next of kin. Right now 
all I want you to do is to act as the foreign business partner to my late 
husband who is the beneficiary of the consignment in the Finance company . But 
I will have to know you very well, have your contacts and a scanned copy of 
your international passport.

The certificate of deposit and the shippment airway bill, which are the 
documents that the Finance company will demand from you before you leave for 
Europe for the clearance, will be forwarded to you. With the above documents, 
all you will need to do is to call the director of the Finance company and book 
a date of arrival for the clearance of the consignments. Meanwhile, all the 
money you will spend in clearing the consignment, and your traveling expenses 
will be given back to you and you are entitled to 15% of the total fund for 
your assistance before we finally enter into partnership investment with the 
rest of the fund.

Kindly reply me immediately so that I can send you the documents and give you 
more information on this transaction.

Best regards,

Dr Mrs. Monica Sullemam

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