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Japan Lump Sum Payment and Related Tax Refund Filing Service

From: Network Answers Japan Rich Brown
Subject: Japan Lump Sum Payment and Related Tax Refund Filing Service
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 05:52:49 +0900

Dear bug-guile,

Please forgive this email. We have tried to not send this more than once,
but occasionally we duplicated. Please forgive us. There are no email list,
no sharing of information, no future emails. I am sincerely sorry to send
you this without your permission, however we are limited in ways to inform
people of our "Pension Refund Filing Service." A description of 1)how we
found your email address and 2)the email mail address we found, are located
at the bottom of this email. 

My name is Rich Brown and I have a small company here in Tokyo Japan. 

A number of our customers have asked us to help their expatriates collect
the tax withdrawn from the Japan Lump Sum Payment. We gladly helped them as
an added service.

Several months ago we started helping the general public file. We found
that many people did not want to ask their co-workers, friends, or host
families to help with collection. We are happy to help.

Our charges are simple. We charge 20% of the funds recovered for the

Anyone who has claimed and received their Lump Sum Payment within the last
5 years and has not received their tax back can take advantage of our

I sincerely apologies if you were offended by this email, and we will take
steps to try not to send you another.

Thank you for your time.

Rich Brown
090-5555-5153 Keitai (Direct)
044-934-9662 Kawasaki Mon-Fri (Main office)
03-6644-0246 Tokyo office 

We used "Tarantula" a leading software program to help find your email. By
doing a search for "Expatriates, Resume, Japan" we found your address:
address@hidden .
Again, my sincere apologies if you are offended by this email. We are doing
our best to make sure this is the only email you will be receiving.

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