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"NEW"Juvio Premium Search Engine!

From: eric
Subject: "NEW"Juvio Premium Search Engine!
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 20:35:42 -0500

I would like to tell you about Juvio Search Engine.I see that your site 
recognizes the valve in search engines since I found your site on other engines.

Juvio differs from other search engines in that we promote a safe search 
environment and do not have High-Price bidding wars for Keywords or 
Phrases.Each site is listed underneath a specific category,and each category 
has its own standard Cost-per-Click.

Juvio believes in the value of consumer feedback rather than which site has the 
largest advertising budget.

Evreyone in Your category pays an Identical Cost-per-Click rate.A GREAT looking 
site like yours is sure to collect a high percentage of good marks.

As a Premium account your site will be listed above all non-Premium 
sites,regardless of their site rating.When competing with other Premium sites 
in the same search results,Juvio uses a ranking system that puts value on both 
your average star rating as well as the number of reviews.(A 4 star site with 
100 reviews would be place above a 5 star site with 1 review)

As your site receives traffic you will more than likely begin to receive site 
reviews.This is a great tool as it may point out perceived strengths and 
weaknesses of your site.As a Premium Account you will have the ability to 
address any review.In the event you were to receive a complaint or negative 
review,you may simply respond to the complaint through your account and the 
rating will be negated from your rating calculation.

To setup your Premium Account Go to:http://www.pibb5.juvio.com 
an select 'Advertise'link on the top right of your screen.You should now see 
the Top 5 reasons to become a Premium Member of Juvio.From here you'll want to 
select the icon at the which says "Active Your Account Now!"

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding how Juvio works, please 
contact me using the information below.


Dean Roberts
Juvio Independent Associate Member

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