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Re: More problems on HP-UX ... macos

From: Andreas Vögele
Subject: Re: More problems on HP-UX ... macos
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:59:16 +0200

Am 28.04.2004 um 02:36 schrieb Kevin Ryde:

Andreas Vögele <address@hidden> writes:

but building Guile CVS on HP-UX und Mac OS X is a nightmare.

On darwin5.5 for me it compiles, but doesn't run

        ERROR: In procedure list:
        ERROR: #<unknown port>:1:6: end of file
        test-system-cmds: system exit status was 2 rather than 42
        FAIL: test-system-cmds
        cannot determine stack base!
        FAIL: test-num2integral

That's what I also get on Panther, i.e. Darwin 7.3.0 when I run "make check"

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