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Re: More problems on HP-UX ... 3

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: More problems on HP-UX ... 3
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 06:59:01 +1000
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Andreas Vögele <address@hidden> writes:
> _POSIX_C_SOURCE is also required in libguile/filesys.c for
> readdir_r().


> Wouldn't it be better to change configure.in instead of
> the source files?

glibc advises putting it in the source file, so they're
self-contained.  I think that's the way these defines are meant to be
used.  It might be different if every single file needed something.

> Currently, I can't build Guile CVS since autogen.sh fails on HP-UX as
> well as on Debian Woody (with autoconf and automake from
> backports.org). It get the error message "possible undefined macro:

Usually that's from not re-running aclocal.  autoreconf in autogen.sh
might be meant to do that, but I always do it manually.

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