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A couple of small patches

From: Andreas Vögele
Subject: A couple of small patches
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 22:33:59 +0100
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here are several patches for CVS head that mostly fix compiler
warnings and errors on Mac OS X and OpenBSD.

2004-11-02  Andreas Vögele  <address@hidden>

        * backtrace.c (scm_display_backtrace_with_highlights): Join the
        first and the second line of the SCM_DEFINE macro call, since old
        preprocessors cannot handle definitions that are split into two

        * inline.h (scm_cell, scm_double_cell): Don't use C99 variable

        * pairs.h (scm_i_chase_pairs): Replace scm_t_uint32 with
        scm_t_bits to fix the mismatch between the function declaration
        and the definition in pairs.c.

        * sort.c (quicksort): Don't use C99 variable declarations.

        * srfi-4.c (uvec_fast_ref): Avoid a compiler warning by returning
        SCM_BOOL_F if no type matches.

        * threads.c (thread_print): Cast a pointer to size_t when printing
        with scm_uintprint.

        * unif.c (scm_i_tag_to_prototype): Make sure that "instead" gets
        (scm_array_prototype): Call scm_i_get_old_prototype only if

Attachment: libguile_backtrace_c.diff
Description: Fix SCM_DEFINE in backtrace.c

Attachment: libguile_inline_h.diff
Description: Remove C99-isms

Attachment: libguile_pairs_h.diff
Description: Fix prototype mismatch

Attachment: libguile_sort_c.diff
Description: Remove C99-isms

Attachment: libguile_srfi_4_c.diff
Description: Avoid compiler warning

Attachment: libguile_threads_c.diff
Description: Cast a pointer

Attachment: libguile_unif_c.diff
Description: Define variable, handle SCM_ENABLE_DEPRECATED

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