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Hi there. Here is what you said wanted

From: Howard Woody
Subject: Hi there. Here is what you said wanted
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 03:51:44 -0800

It has been so cold this december so far how has it been over there? We've been 
doing so well so far. Especially since we were able to get the prescriptions we 
needed at such low costs. So are you all excited about the Christmas coming up? 
Me and all of the kids sure are. Anyways this is what I was wanting to show 
you. This is where I was able to get all of the drugs that we all needed 1/2 
off and I didn't need a prescription. They are very professional and secure. I 
would definitely give them a try if I were you, I fully recommend them. See ya 
again soon!

Howard Woody


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