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reverse mortgages leads are a great way to sell annuities

From: max
Subject: reverse mortgages leads are a great way to sell annuities
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 21:21:50 -0600

Hi, JMR from RMLeads.com
I will you a free $50 credit to test out our leads - no obligation. Just email 
me with your broker id or email address and I will add it. I recommend setting 
your auto lead criteria for a fresh one and picking up older 1- 2 day or other 
ones. The reality is that we really do not have enough buyers nationally and 
that we have no national buyer per say. Most mortgage lead companies sell leads 
to 22 banks and in their systems any numbers of times. We do not have this 
If you want to get licensed to do insurance and make 7-10 points on annuity 
sales call JR at 713-203-0209
You would need to get appointed under us.
1st and foremost we sell reverse mortgage leads.
We give free leads to insurance professionals that partner with us as we 
receive the override to pay for it. Our model is geared towards a symbiotic 
business relationship. So whether the opportunity is available or not a reverse 
mortgage agent has to generate the monies. All seniors need some sort of 
The reality is 5 out of 6 homes are paid off in the senior market and all 
organizations that support reverse mortgages recommend that a financial planner 
consult with the person receiving the funds 

If you have friends that are reverse mortgage agents or financial planners 
simply let me know what their broker id is and username (the email) and for a 
short time we are giving you an additional credit of $50 for each referral and 
$50 for the person that simply signs up that contacts me directly.

Thank you - 
713-551-1155 cell phone
888-267-1108 Office

If you need reverse mortgage licensing contact 

national mortgage licensing

To change your preferences let us know
626 langwood
Houston texas 77079

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