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Investment Partnership...

From: Demba Gaye
Subject: Investment Partnership...
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:50:39 +0100

Mr. Demba Gaye

Villa 139 Sicap

Diuppel Dakar


BP 234 Liberte Dakar.


Re: Investment Partnership

It is a delight to have your esteemed contact, hence
my pleasure to inform you that I am Demba Gaye, 61yrs
old Senegalese and presently due for retirement as a
revenue director in a government parastal here in

The object of this introduction is to seek your
interest in an investment partnership that will
effectively utilise your wealth of experience in
business and my provision of the needed investment
capital. I have a good sum ready for this project and
will provide you with relevant details upon your
Ensure that you include your direct access telephone
and fax numbers for further communication.

My warm regards to you and your family.

Mr. Demba Gaye.

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