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298, 000 Stormpay, 599, 000 eBAY, 401, 000 eGold, 526, 000 PayPal contac

From: k1en8
Subject: 298, 000 Stormpay, 599, 000 eBAY, 401, 000 eGold, 526, 000 PayPal contacts
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 03:55:45 -1000

Would you like to contact over 1.6 million PayPal/e-Gold
/Stormpay/eBay account holders today by email?

You can get instant buyers and join_ups today for almost 
any business easily by using this "hands_free" approach.

I have 4 types of dbase to offer you that are proven and 
will produce a huge_response_fast. They allow you to 
contact PayPal/e-Gold/Stormpay/eBay customers 
(sellers&buyers). These are individuals that buy, sell and 
pay for goods/services using PayPal online payment 

These are all my own personal contacts that has bought
something or joined me and paid using one of the quoted 
payment processors. They can only be used for selling to 
as I have safeguarded against any possible ilegitimate 
activity such as "phi.shing". If it is your intention to use 
them for anything similar don't waste your time applying 
as my safeguard will prevent you. 

There are no better way to sell your products and services.
I also have many more dbases to suit any bus_iness 
"opp-ortuni.ty", m..l..m or network "mkt'g" business.

I’ve been marketing on the net for over 96 months now and 
have done extremely well for myself. I made over two (2) 
million $US in my last month of marketing which was a 
period while I was scaling down due to my health, hence 
the reason why I am selling my valuable data today.

During this time on the Internet I generated huge 
successful down lines and dbases. In the end all I had 
to do to "earn" was send an email to my targeted dbases 
and watch my payment processor accounts fill up to the 

I am one of the successful mystery marketers that many 
of the big companies enrol into their own top position 
to rapidly populate lower levels with "explosive force". 
I have also created and deployed huge aggressive 
email campaigns.

I have been involved at the top of many of the largest 
m..l..m, network mkt'g and other programs and have earned 
very, very well. 

For a list of payment processor dbases please email me.

I have many more targeted dbases that have taken me 
years to develop. You may have got email from me recently 
regarding them. If you did and have responded then I will 
reply soon with more details.

I am not going to give this extremely valuable chance to 
everyone. I will only sell them to 500 people promoting
different businesses.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get buyers and 
joinups. You are not going to experience this ever again. 
I can even arrange to send the emails for you.

This is not a hoax, reply to my email and I will send you 
more information plus my telephone number so you can
call me direct.

Please send your email to:
with "plsesend" in the subject line and I will send you 
additional details to include cheap prices and a full 
list of all my data that I have plus my contact telephone 
number to call me.

If you get a problem emailing me or get a bounced mail 
please call 0044 7733 157828 or from the USA use
00 144 instead.

If you want to request me to cancel any mail to you, 
please send me an email to: address@hidden
and it will cease from 72 hours. Put "plsehalt" in the 
subject line.

reply via email to

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