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using guile's readline module

From: Gene Pavlovsky
Subject: using guile's readline module
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:46:26 +0400
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When I use guile's readline module (guile 1.6.7), I can't set bounce-parens 
guile> (readline-options 'full)
bounce-parens   500     Time (ms) to show matching opening parenthesis (0 = 
history-length  200     History length.
history-file    yes     Use history file.
guile> (readline-disable 'history-file)
(bounce-parens 500 history-length 200)
guile> (readline-enable 'history-file)
(bounce-parens 500 history-length 200 history-file)
guile> (readline-set! 'bounce-parens 50)
<unnamed port>: In expression (readline-options-interface (append # #)):
<unnamed port>: Unbound variable: readline-options-interface
ABORT: (unbound-variable)

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I think that I follow the manual.

The second issue is that when I type something, during the time when the 
matching paren is highlighted (and that is 500 ms by default), 
guile doesn't accept any input, so every time I close a paren, I get to wait 
500 ms to type more. Both gauche and csi with readline
modules installed don't hang like this, so I think it's a guile-specific bug.

Hope this will be fixed :).

Best regards,

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