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Re: using guile's readline module

From: Gene Pavlovsky
Subject: Re: using guile's readline module
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 12:29:30 +0400
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My /etc/inputrc has:
set blink-matching-paren on

The delay has disappeared when I changed it to
$if guile
  set blink-matching-paren on 

So I guess readline's forced blink-matching-paren somehow overrided guile's own 
code. Dunno why the delay, cause
chicken's interpreter (which doesn't have any special match_paren code - the 
reason I turned it on in inputrc) doesn't
have that delay. So maybe it is still a bug to be fixed.

Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Gene Pavlovsky <address@hidden> writes:
>>The second issue is that when I type something, during the time when the 
>>matching paren is highlighted (and that is 500 ms by default), 
>>guile doesn't accept any input,
> The delay is supposed to stop when you press a key, done by guile
> using a `select' on the stdin.  You might be able to see if select is
> working properly.

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