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Documentation on SLIB use is inadequate

From: Alan Grover
Subject: Documentation on SLIB use is inadequate
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 10:33:10 -0400
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Summary: The documentation on SLIB use is inadequate and/or out-of-date
Guile version 1.6.4, "edition 1.0 of the reference manual, corresponding
to Guile version 1.6.4"
SLIB 3a2

SLIB was not included with my distribution of Guile (a source package
from gnu.org). This should be made clear in the documentation:
        "SLIB is no longer included with Guile distributions. You must obtain
and install it (see <next> section)."

The installation procedure does not work, and needs to be updated:

* How to test for correct installation of SLIB. E.g. guile -c
"(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'byte )"

* Obtain SLIB from http://swissnet.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/SLIB.html (current
version as of 9/16/2005 is 3a2). Or, specify correct version.
* There is some indication that the slibcat file will be
created/populated automatically by the ice-9/slib.scm module. Though
this does not appear to work (at least with 3a2). In any event, this
initialization step would need to be performed under an account that can
write to slibcat (typically root).
* The installation instructions that are supplied with SLIB do not work
and are not the same instructions as in the Guile documentation.
* See bug just submitted "SLIB 3a2 does not work with Guile 1.6.4"

Alan Grover

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