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Re: simple-format causes segfault?

From: James Bergstra
Subject: Re: simple-format causes segfault?
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 14:15:19 -0400
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> To begin with, please just post the code and any input that it needs
> to repro the problem.  That should be enough if the problem is not
> specific to your environment.  If it isn't enough, we can move onto
> cores later.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, my program is not easy to send. I've
spent an hour just now trying to distill a simple test case with no luck. Almost
any change I make to the program seems to cause it not to segfault.  For

- replacing an open file with current-input-port
- moving the script to a different folder (perhaps to a sufficiently short 
- moving code from a (load)'ed file into the script itself

One bit of evidence to maybe keep in mind as you continue to improve guile is
that sometimes it ran perfectly, sometimes it segfaulted, and sometimes it
aborted with this message:

ERROR: In procedure simple-format:
ERROR: Wrong type argument in position 1: #<freed cell 0x2aaaaae44cb0; GC missed
a reference>

I was very surprised that some of these actions had an effect on the behaviour
of my script.  Since this problem has such a simple workaround (use display
instead of simple-format), I don't want to explore these mysteries any longer.
I'm baffled and I'm giving up :(

I've posted the cores on my website:

James Bergstra

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