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Minor documentation layout flaws

From: percy tiglao
Subject: Minor documentation layout flaws
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 13:31:38 -0400

Hello. I decided to make a print version of the reference manual; but
there were so many stuff that ran through the right side of the page
(technically, overfull hboxes). I'm interested in helping you guys
remove those things so that all the stuff fits on a page; but I'm
wondering if there are any standards and such before I start making
major changes.

For example: one of the pages had some guile source code with
"call-with-current-continuation" on it. But the word was so big; that
it pushed the parameters off the page. The easiest correction is to
just change the word into "call/cc" instead; but that might conflict
with your standard...

So I'm just wondering if you got anything like that. If not... I'll be
working on that documentation patch!

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