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PossibleGuileBug : (eq? )

From: address@hidden
Subject: PossibleGuileBug : (eq? )
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 15:34:28 -0600

Sorry if this email is a waste of your time. I think I might have encountered an error in guile.
I am running guile with a very recent install for Fedora Core 8.

Simply put: If you ask guile to evaluate >(eq? )   i.e., absolutely nothing, no atom, no list it returns a value of #t.
If you ask it to evaluate >(eq?       ) that is followed by an arbitrary number of empty spaces it returns a value of #t as well.
This differs from the scheme standard and the main reason I think this is a bug or a definitional error is that when I run the same s-_expression_ in either
STK scheme (that used at Berkeley or I use the PLT Scheme within the R5RS Language selected I get very different results.

Also when I make the same kind of bogus entry for (null?) , (null? ), (null?      ) in guile, guile right catches this mistake and reminds me that I have entered the wrong number of arguments.

I have enclosed a png screen shot. That if you look carefully shows the guile error and in the same terminal what the STK version said to the same entry and over to the right what the R5RS Language standard said to this entry in Dr. Scheme or PLT Scheme.

I hope this wasn't a wast of your time.



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