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Bug 17344 lives

From: Levine, Zachary
Subject: Bug 17344 lives
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 11:55:56 -0400

Hello.  I am installing guile-1.8.4 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system using KDE 3.5.4-13.el5 Red Hat.  (I hope that’s the operating system and not just KDE.  It also says “Fedora Core”.)   The system is a 64-bit Dell dual processor.


There was a bug reported in version 1.8.0, and a proposed fix under the subject “Re: [bug #17344] problem compiling guile 1.8.0”.  The fix given in that message worked (I think).  The point of this note is that it’s still a problem a couple of versions later.


Zachary Levine

Physicist, NIST


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