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Re: SCM_INTERNAL causes problems

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: SCM_INTERNAL causes problems
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:04:39 +0200
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Hello again Patrick,

Patrick Horgan <address@hidden> writes:

> When building lilypond the following variables:
> `scm_i_gc_admin_mutex'          SCM_INTERNAL gc.h
> `scm_i_init_mutex'              SCM_INTERNAL init.h
> `scm_i_locale_mutex'            SCM_INTERNAL posix.h
> `scm_i_misc_mutex'              SCM_INTERNAL threads.h
> `scm_i_port_table_mutex'        SCM_INTERNAL ports.h
> `scm_i_port_table_room'         SCM_INTERNAL ports.h
> `scm_i_port_weak_hash'          SCM_INTERNAL ports.h
> `scm_i_signal_delivery_thread'  SCM_INTERNAL scmsigs.h
> `scm_i_structs_to_free'         SCM_INTERNAL struct.h
> `scm_i_sweep_mutex'             SCM_INTERNAL gc.h
> show up as multiple defines in the link phase and keep lilypond from
> building.  The problem is that the include files they are in are
> included in different .c files, so the variable definitions are in
> various .o files.

What compiler and platform are you using?  MacOS X?  The `.h' files
contain only declarations, so these symbols should not end up multiply
defined AIUI.


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