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Re: signal handling different in 1.8.3 than 1.8.1?

From: Gregory Marton
Subject: Re: signal handling different in 1.8.3 than 1.8.1?
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 11:59:12 -0400 (EDT)

Gregory Marton <address@hidden> writes:

Having done these steps, it did indeed make check, and with the
--without-threads flag, it even passed the timeout tests!

You mean that the problem that triggered this thread vanished?

Yes. The with-timeout test script I sent a few emails ago passes if the latest 1.8 branch guile is compiled without threads. I guess either signal handling or sleep is somehow different when threading is enabled.

They're taking a while to run, but so far all my other tests are also passing in mono-threaded guile 1.8.5
  commit 9143131b2766d1e29e05d61b5021395b4c93a6bc Neil Jerram, July 11

I'm happy with this for now.  Is non-threading ever likely to be

There's no plan to remove mono-threading AFAIK.

Thank you.


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