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Re: i18n broken on mingw cross compile

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: i18n broken on mingw cross compile
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 23:38:28 -0300
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Ludovic Courtès escreveu:
> Hi,
> Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes:
>> i686-mingw32-gcc -mms-bitfields -DHAVE_CONFIG_H 
>> -I/home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git -I.. 
>> -I/home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/lib -I../lib -Wall 
>> -Wmissing-prototypes -g -O2 -MT libguile_i18n_v_0_la-i18n.lo -MD -MP -MF 
>> .deps/libguile_i18n_v_0_la-i18n.Tpo -c 
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/i18n.c  
>> -DDLL_EXPORT -DPIC -o .libs/libguile_i18n_v_0_la-i18n.o
>> In file included from 
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/i18n.c:296:
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/locale-categories.h:
>>  In function 'get_current_locale_settings':
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/locale-categories.h:24:
>>  error: 'LC_MESSAGES' undeclared (first use in this function)
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/locale-categories.h:24:
>>  error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
>> /home/lilydev/vc/gub/target/mingw/src/guile-1.9.git/libguile/locale-categories.h:24:
>>  error: for each function it appears in.)
> Can you try out the attached patch?

Seems to work. 

Next problem: 

In file included from 
                 from ../libguile/scmconfig.h:25,
../lib/time.h:76: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before '__timer'
../lib/time.h:78: error: expected ';', ',' or ')' before '__timer'

This is 7ddb9baf80744f0ea4810c35b465d96f4833875, with your patch on top. 

Curiously, the same location in uncompiled source (my guile devel
directory) has an #if 0 rather than #if 1 around the code.

 Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden - http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanwen

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